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Our first gay president

I don't much care about the subject of gay marriage. Deeply religious people for whom gay marriage is an abomination will dislike me because I'm not rabidly against it, and liberals will dislike me because I'm not rabidly for it. Such is life. I'd much rather worry about the size of the national debt, or the increased tax burden that Gov. Martin Taxalot has imposed on the good people of Maryland (and that the Democrats in the U.S. Congress want to impose on pretty much everybody). National defense seems like a national concern. The crappy state of public education seems like a worthwhile local/state concern, albeit one replicated across the nation. Gay marriage? Not so much.

So when President Obama suddenly decides that gay marriage is a fundamental right - but, er, one that should be decided at the state level, as he awkwardly tried to have it both ways - just before a big Hollywood fundraiser, it's no wonder that around 2/3 of the respondents in a New York Times poll thought he was flip-flopping on the issue for political reasons, not out of some newfound conviction. Me? I'd add that he finds it useful to fluff up his liberal base and distract everyone from the lousy state of the economy. Only media outlets that are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Obama reelection campaign - such as the once-fine Time magazine - take the whole thing seriously, anointing Obama "our first gay president." (One wonders what Time knows that Michelle doesn't!)

In politics, one simply can't be too cynical.


Trainer Drinks

When I was a child, a spoke as a child. I also indulged in trainer drinks, as one does.

You know trainer drinks, right? Combinations of liquor and other ingredients - usually sweet ones - that mask the taste of the liqiuor. Rum and coke. Rum and pineapple, perhaps with peach schnapps. They often have cute names, too - Screwdriver, Zombie, Sex on the Beach, the Cosmopolitan. Once upon a time wine coolers - wine-based, fruit-flavored, low-alcohol beverages - were popular among women. Pardon me while I shudder.

It's not that these concoctions taste bad. In fact, that's the whole point. Young people, particularly women, don't care for the harsh and malty taste of Scotch, bourbon, rye, tequila, or the burn of rum or vodka. Liqueurs are sometimes sweet, but can be quite bitter. Young people want to explore boundaries, hang out with friends in bars, get drunk, perhaps lose their inhibitions, but they don't want to do so with the taste of a real drink. Hence the fruit.

When adults - by that, I mean anyone past his or her mid-20s - continue ordering and drinking trainer drinks, however, there's something seriously wrong. Fruit juice is good for you, but don't add it to a drink. It's time to put away childish things.


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