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Women and late-term abortions

The Left makes a big deal of the claim that restricting late-term abortions is a "war on women," as though only horrible Republican men find the idea of aborting a viable fetus to be a bad idea.

Well, as sarcastically notes, "Women back late-term abortion ban by narrow 35-point margin." The question specifically addressed a 20-week versus a 24-week limit on unrestricted access to abortion, the same debate that went on in Texas recently.

It's not a close call.


"Citizen" and "resident" are not synonyms

Seattle's local government seems to think so, however. "Citizen" is potentially offensive because it's not "inclusive." Well, that's true. Not ever resident is a citizen. Tough.

Do we now need to call the classic Orson Wells movie “That Movie with Rosebud”?



Union thugs

Charming. Teamsters picked funerals, disrupting services and laughing at mourners. Why do we put up with these clowns?

It really takes a court order to get union thugs to have some respect?


Whizzing right along

Second quarter GDP growth was 1.7%. Woo-hoo! “Sluggish” doesn’t begin to cut it. But we get the spin: it’s great, because it’s much bigger than Q1’s 1.1% growth. Wait a minute, wasn’t Q1’s growth 1.8%? Yes, but it was revised down to 1.1%.

So… if Q1 started higher than the preliminary Q2 number, and the revision of Q1 reduced it by a third, what makes anyone think the Q2 number is solid?

And somehow the administration thinks this is good news.


Chicago is the new Detroit?

Chicago's debt triples, its bond ratings fall...

This one-party Democratic rule doesn’t seem to be working out all that well.

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