Liberal intolerance
Sunday, June 28, 2015 at 07:35PM
Jeffrey Fischer

The Left's intolerance is on fully display this week with the #LoveWins hashtag. I don't really care about gay marriage one way or the other, but I object to having profound changes in society forced on us via judicial fiat. (Badly argued judicial fiat at that.)

But the whole #LoveWins bullshit is an exercise in intolerance. In the name of equalitiy, supporters of gay marriage not only are taking a victory lap, but are accusing those who do not cheer the Supreme Court's ruling of bigotry. What nonsense. But this is typical of the Left: disagree with them and, rather than argue the point, they call you names. For all their touting of "diversity," they can't stand any diversity of thought. Their totalitarian side shows at every opportunity, and this week it has been on full display.

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